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We are excited to invite you to join Convergia's upcoming webinar on Libelium for IoT solutions scheduled to occur on 23rd July 2019, hosted by Convergia’s CTO, Tom Gilley.

Convergia is the new Libelium Pan-America Value Added Distributor for all Libelium advanced edge computing, sensors and solutions. Libelium enhances Convergia IoT offerings, which includes the Connectivity by Convergia (CxC) SIM Platform – The Pan-American multi-operator cellular platform for SIM connectivity life cycle management. The CxC SIM platform enables Libelium IoT products on the world's largest and best cellular operators.

By the end of this webinar you’ll learn:

  • IoT is not new. Learn what, when and how things are on the internet, then, now and in the future.
  • IoT is evolving. Learn about the major trends, who is buying IoT and why.
  • IoT has gaps. Learn how to avoid the IoT hard to assemble and often fail, “bag of parts” problem.
  • CxC IoT Solutions. Learn of real-world IoT Solutions, offered by Convergia.

We would also like to offer an extra one-month SPIFF for the IoT order sending on or before August 31st, 2019 for those who participate in this webinar.

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Yanishea Jean-Marie
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